Terra dei Fuochi is burning more than ever #stopbiocidio #stoptoxicwastegenocide

A year ago I started rehearsing/creating the project Terra dei Fuochi/ Land of Fires. Two years ago I started working on the concept. Thanks to @lamamaetc the show has been produced and had its world premiere in nyc. It isn’t enough, this is a dance, documentary theater performance aimed to share the story of the suffering mothers who lost their kids to cancer in my home region in Italy. Cancer triggered by the toxic waste that has been buried or just deoppes there and burned daily. Since I started the project things didn’t get better, it is worse than ever. I am calling it as it is: a genocide. I am eager to bring the show everywhere in the world. Contact me if you, or anyone you know, is interested in having us at their festival, college, studio, museum, gallery, outdoor happening. We are ready!!! @marziacaccioppoli @bianca.falco.nyc @marcyfalco thanks as to the numerous donors and the Domenico Paulon Foundation for the support!


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