Let’s learn more about the issue, watch this documentary from PressTV News Videos, click on the link:

Documentary – The Land of Fires

“Natural beauty, fertile lands and good food, this the description of the southern regions of Italy, a piece of heaven on Earth which the Ancient Romans used to call “Campania felix” meaning happy Campania, because of the land’s extraordinary fertility which was capable of producing four harvests a year. But now that land is barren and is named: the land of fires.
This horrific descent to hell has happened because for decades, parts of Campania have been used for illegal dumping, burning and disposal of toxic waste under the management of the local mafia, the Camorra.the mafia received toxic waste from northern Italy and buried it or burned it in their private fiefdom. At its height, the business made at least €1.25 million a month. But this lucrative business has had disastrous effects on the environment and worse still on the public’s health.” – PressTV News Videos


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